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What? Another Marketplace?

Yes, but we are not just a marketplace to list products.

Referenced from our partner, Arcadier, Singapore's online marketplace-enabler — When online marketplaces emerged around two decades ago, they mainly focused on retail and goods. Horizontal marketplaces that sell a wide range of goods — examples being eBay, Amazon, and Rakuten — dominated the era. However, in the last 5 years, the world saw a revival and accelerated growth of online marketplaces.

Unlike their predecessors, these new generation of marketplaces are more industry specific or local. They include Uber, Grab and Airbnb, which disrupted traditional modes of transport and accommodation. Retail marketplaces like Lazada and Tokopedia also rose to prominence to solve a particular pain-point for specific regions.

It's all about building online presence and discovery. Everyone wants to build and maintain an online shop, and now there are too many online stores out there. Most are hardly visited because they don’t appear in the first page of any searches.

With the continuous rise of online marketplaces, this would mean that there is a need for online marketplace technology that is simple to use, allowing anyone operating an online business to assimilate into a marketplace easily. This simplification was similar in a way where online stores were disrupting brick-and-mortar shops back in those days, which resulted in the birth of companies such as Shopify and Bigcommerce — platforms that were born to simplify the complexity of operating an online shop.

Supercharging Businesses by Simplifying the Experience

Through our business marketplace, Obbo seeks to supercharge small-to-medium enterprises with in-built connectivity tools such as integrated chat system, easy quote management system for purchase order & invoice attachment, business applications and our affiliated partner programmes to do business — with the focus of having everything much easier than before.

We have engineered our platform where these business applications are integrated within as well as build an extensive networks around our esteemed partners e.g. HubSpot, Shopify etc to ensure fresh entrepreneurs, startups, small-to-medium enterprises' processes are holistically covered — so as to concentrate on the profitability of the businesses.

Do check out on our page on this vision of creating a supercharged business city at https://marketplace.obbo.sg/supercharged-business-city

e: hello@obbo.sg

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