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SME Feature: Y K Toh Marketing (S) Pte Ltd

Who are they?

Y K Toh Marketing (S) Pte Ltd endeavors to become the preferred supplier offering one-stop requirements of Warehouse Equipment, Builder Hardware, Hand Tools, Material Handling Equipments, Storage Racking, Household & MRO Products in Singapore & eventually expanding to regional countries in South East Asia.


In its quest for growth & repositioning, Y K Toh Marketing (S) Pte Ltd has set its sights on two overall objectives.

1. Involvement in expansion of current distribution networks in domestic as well as regional markets.

2. Enhancing the product mix by emphasizing brands and niche products.


Y K Toh Marketing (S) Pte Ltd deals with three primary distribution channels. These channels include hardware retailers stores, department stores & regional distributions.

Y K Toh Marketing (S) Pte Ltd has a team of 40 sales staff offering daily services & visits according to a geographical location of 1,200 accounts in Singapore island wide.



The passion inside… The worldwide success of BRAVI PLATFORMS as a producer of mobile platforms has very personal origins: it is deeply rooted in the history of the owner, Pierino Bravi, and in his deep knowledge of the installation sector.

Cycling toward success… Pierino Bravi, born in 1957, began his career when he was very young and exuberant, venturing out in the field of cycling. His great strength, endurance, and tenacity of character led him to participate three times in the Giro d’Italia.

His spirit of sacrifice and the desire to do it, added to his great enthusiasm, drove his personal choices. This later led him to found his own company of drop ceiling, thermal and acoustic tiles, and insulation installations. The small installation company then became BRAVIISOL, founded by Bravi in 1980. By the early 90s, it was already one of the most important Italian companies in this sector. New challenges, new ideas Efficiency and productivity are a must in the BRAVI Company, but this was not always possible when it came to working at height. Tired of wasting time, energy and money to assemble, go up and down tower scaffolds and ladders, Bravi decided it was time to change the way of working. If the market does not offer suitable methods, the solution is simple: invent new ones!

A new world! The reason for which they were designed, therefore, is at the origin of the uniqueness of the BRAVI products. The years dedicated to the development of products, the on-going selection of components and continuous listening to customers and their needs, did the rest. Machines were designed first with the end-user in mind, and then developed also for the demanding rental market. Today, the range of BRAVI platforms is characterized by versatile, robust, and extremely reliable machines, allowing the user to comfortably, easily, and safely handle a wide range of work applications.

BRAVI platforms: the simplicity that makes your life easier!


A private enterprise that has been owned by a family brand for more than 60 years, they feel particularly committed to the customers’ interests. One of the major goal is to live up to the reputation and tradition of the quality label “made in Germany”. In the north Bavarian town of Hersbruck they have manufactured high-quality measurement tools for the most diversified applications. These products meet the highest demands of trade and industry. On top of that, BMI succeeds in combining tradition and innovation. This is also highlighted by the way into laser levelling. Since 1993, BMI has been one of the leading manufacturers in this technology. A further indication of the continuous innovation is a huge number of active patents. Some of the patented milestones in the development and production of practical measuring instruments are listed below.

CP Deburring

For over 20 years C P ENTERPRISES has been in the forefront of the design, development and manufacture of innovative, top quality hand DEBURRING TOOLS. With years of experience in manufacturing extensive range of high Quality Deburring Tools, C P ENTERPRISES has established themselves as India's Leading brands.

Their Quality Speaks For us:

Customer satisfaction and quality go together. They are committed to the production of consistently high-quality products. Stringent quality control methods as per ISO standards are followed to ensure that the products meet the buyers' satisfaction. They take care of Timely deliveries and follow their delivery & JIT schedules. Their clientele spans across India as well as Globe. They have well spread network of dealers across India. Being leading exporter of high quality DEBURRING TOOLS to Europe, USA & Asia for YEARS are the proven credentials.


With over 35 years experience, Defender is renowned for the design and manufacture of high quality, cutting-edge site lighting and power distribution solutions that are trusted to perform to exceptional standards in trade, industrial and domestic applications.

Loaded with advanced technology and intelligent features Defender products deliver significant advantages in operation. Made tough using the latest super strength high-tech materials Defender solutions beat the challenges presented by harsh working environments.

Defender continues to work hard to create award winning, leading-edge products that meet the high expectations that demanding global users have trusted for decades.

All Defender products are tested to exacting standards and hold key certification including CE, GS, TUV and RoHS under BS EN 61242: 1998.


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DYKEM® began its existence in 1920 when Steel Blue® Layout Fluid was formulated. It is still the #1 recognized and used layout fluid in the industry. Over the years, Dykem® expanded and the brand name includes ink and paint markers, layout fluids and staining colours, and has all the marking products to mark your territory as you see fit. 

DYKEM® sub-brands include Brite-Mark®, TEXPEN®, DALO®, Rinz-Off®, Sudz-Off®, Tuff Guy®, Steel Blue®, and Cross Check™.

In 1987, Dykem was acquired by ITW (Illinois Tool Works) and joined ITW Fluids Group.


G-man was officially founded on July 12, 1984 under the name Edsbytool AB. Initially, the concept was to build and hone the traditional skill in producing and marketing of saw and saw blades in the region. In 1987, Edsbytool merged with A/S Grorud Jernvarefabrik of Norway. They moved all the sales and production to Edsbyn, changing to its trade mark name G-MAN and eventually settling for the name G-MAN TOOL AB.

Today, G-Man Tools is the best company in the world producing hand saw, blades, axes, and other hand tools. They have harnessed the craft from years ago, enhanced the technology, and mastered the skills and the method in perfecting and producing the best tools they need.

Genius Tools

A superior tool necessitates an extensive, experience-refined manufacturing process. At Genius Tools, every step of production is done with meticulous care; from market study, product design, material selection, prototyping, mass manufacturing, to a thorough final inspection. Please click on the video below to let us walk you through the fabrication of their tools and demonstrate to you the formula of their success.


Anhui Heli Industrial Vehicle Import and Export Co., Ltd. is the subsidiary of Heli group, the exclusive agent of import and export business for Heli.

As the largest forklift manufacturer Heli has led China market for 26 consecutive years, since 2006 Heli has ranked Top 10 forklift manufacturer in the world and ranked 8th in 2013 according to MMH statistics.

Heli is a  state-owned company which was founded in 1958, a public company listed on Shanghai stock market in 1996. After continuous investment and technical reform now Heli has already formed the industry platform by five assembly plant and four components plant, with the production capacity of 120000 units forklift, 200000 tons casting components, 600000 pieces cylinders, 200000 sets steering axles and other components.

Heli supply 1-46ton internal combustion engine forklift, 1-7ton electric forklift, 1-2.5ton electric pallet truck and stacker, tow truck, empty container handler and reach stacker, wheel loader, all kinds of components and many more.


Koyo is a brand that is manufactured by Koyo Industries Co., Ltd in Japan. Their policy is better quality at lower price.


Established in 1992, is a specialized manufacturer of wide range products including:screwdriver, power bit, wrench, socket set, auto repair.Competitive advantages of their products can be listed as follows: tool, mechanic hand tool, etc. Light mostly focuses on Asian market and never stop upgrading their R & D capability and technical-know-how to seize each opportunity to market their innovative products worldwide.


AS A LEADER IN THE MRO INDUSTRY for more than five decades, LPS brand products has provided convenience-packaged maintenance chemicals to industrial, aerospace, military and telecommunications facilities world-wide. ITW Pro Brands is an Illinois Tool Works (ITW) company. ITW is a leading global diversified manufacturer, designing and producing a wide array of engineered and specialty products. ITW was founded 100 years ago and is a Fortune 200 Company with revenues over $15 billion.

LPS brand is manufactured near Atlanta, Georgia at 4647 Hugh Howell Road, Tucker, GA 30084 USA. ITW Pro Brands sells into North America through Authorized ITW Pro Brands Distributors and internationally in over 45 countries worldwide through their Authorized International Distributors.


Magic® Stainless Steel Cleaner with Stay Clean Technology™ makes cleaning stainless steel fast and easy by creating a transparent, protective coating to repel dirt, water and prevent the appearance of fingerprints. Using Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner regularly will keep surfaces shiny, clean and looking “like new” longer.


MasterMover is the award-winning manufacturer of pedestrian electric tugs and widely recognised as a market leader in providing solutions for moving wheeled loads from 50 kg to 120,000 kg. Since the company’s inception in 1997 MasterMover have provided handling solutions to some of the biggest brand names in industry, both nationally and globally. Today MasterMover has a portfolio stretching to 23 models, all designed to safely and efficiently transport wheeled loads. Deployed across the World, MasterMover products are used within a range of industries in the UK, Mainland Europe, Asia, Australia and also North and South America. The Derbyshire based company are committed to design and manufacturing and employ skilled people, many of whom live locally.


MYSTAR is one of the leading brand for Racking and Shelving System in South East Asia, manufactured by Prestar Storage System Sdn. Bhd. under the Prestar Resource Bhd (Prestar Group) is a steel based company listed on the main board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. The production of the racking and shelving is in Rawang, Malaysia. So in short Mystar is a brand under Prestar Group.

The company had its vision to provide first class logistics solution for the warehouse, plant and office. Prestar is constantly designing and engineering new products through its Research and Development programme. Prestar has now one of the most complete range of quality storage and material handling equipment to cater to the wide spectrum of customers.

From convenient DIY and light duty shelving systems to medium and heavy duty racking systems, every component is designed with extreme detail and manufactured under strict quality control.

The manufacturing is sited on an 18 acres land in Rawang, Selangor, Prestar Storage System boasts of modern manufacturing facilities, the use of the certified steel and highly qualified workmanship in the production of these high precision products.

The research and development team consist of qualified engineers, professionals tool makers and designers are constantly in touch with the market’s changing demands and needs.

Products are designed with user’s comfort, safety, and business efficiency in mind. Load and usage tests of these products are done in actual operating conditions and environment, on a regular basis.


The quality of M.P.M products is the result of combining the skills and motivation of a team with advanced materials and technologies. Dynamic, enterprising and flexible this company has been serving the plastics industry since 1985 offering extruded plastic profiles to order as well as a range of its own products.

ALWAYS DYNAMIC, ALWAYS RELIABLE Young yet skilled in offering turnaround solutions to satisfy the various problems this market faces, the staff at M.P.M, a team of technicians and experts motivated and qualified in their fields, combine superior quality with fast product production.

LOGISTICS They have a state-of-the-art goods handling system. Thanks to a careful study of pallet size, they have been able to optimise transport costs also for long and demanding hauls. Their warehouse is their winning strength offering fast and efficient dispatch of M.P.M products. 


Orex® is the registered brand owned by Prestar Group. The brand was established in year 1965. And it is recognized as the core brand that develop together with Singapore.

It first started with only a few hand tools like spanner, screwdriver, pliers and saw. Over the years, as different industry in Singapore emerged, Orex® research and develop, expanding its range in order to meet the market needs. Orex® is continuously expanding its range while taking consideration into the surging needs in safety.  


PORT-BAG, a company of great storage solutions with a worldwide known brand, is a manufacturer of plastic storage for more than 20 years with a vision of innovation and act towards the needs of the market in means of quality, costs and customer satisfaction.

90% of the overall sales is exported to more than 50 countries in the world, while the main customer profile is the DIY stores and the wholesalers in the domestic market.


Prestar is the brand produce by Prestar Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (PMSB) - is a subsidiary of Prestar Resources Berhad, a company listed on the Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. PMSB was established in 1988 and specializes in the manufacture of material handling products such as wheelbarrows, platform hand trucks, industrial wheels and industrial castors.


Established in 1988 as a trading company specialising in building materials. Its aim was to develop and provide the building industry with quality materials such as fillers, paints, building chemicals, cement based products and a wide range of adhesives and sealants under the trade name of PYE.Although some of the Company's product lines were imported, most were contract manufactured locally. Within  2 1/2 years, the Company had established itself strongly in the market place with PYE brand products. 

The demand for PYE products grew tremendously and the Company decided to start small-scale manufacturing in October 1992, using leased machinery. With sales doubling yearly on a compound basis, PYE decided to build its  own factory in 1997 and introduced state of the art  machinery with higher efficiencies and capacities. PYE  is currently a leading manufacturer of D.I.Y (Do-It-Yourself) products in Malaysia. The Company also supplies specialized building and construction products to the building industry. Today,  most of the products are manufactured  by PYE locally with only a small number of items being imported from overseas.

Riza Skincare

The most popular brand on the Russian market and the world’s first socially focused DPPE line: 1% of its sales revenue is allocated to charitable purposes. In 2009, the brand became the first PPE brand to undergo voluntary certification.

In the same year, a first for the market, Skincare conducted special clinical research on its dermatological products with the assistance of Research Institute of Hygiene, Occupational Pathology and Human Ecology, FGUP, and FMBRA of Russia. The tests were conducted on the RIZA® product line.

Features of the RIZA® product line:

- Contains no silicones or parabens     

- Complex application: protection, treatment and recovery     

- A portion of sales revenue is allocated to social programs. 


Stocky is a rising brand that repetitively gaining its acknowledgement as the best warehouse equipment in comparative of price, quality and performance for the South East Asia market. Its warehouse equipment ranges from reach stacker, pallet truck, pallet mesh, step & trolley ladder, pallet trainer, trolley, to roll cages. 


Treston is among the world’s leading suppliers of industrial furniture and workstations.

Their workstation design and implementation process always begins with the person performing the work. In this way, Treston pays close attention to ergonomics, functionality and efficiency.

Treston listens to your needs and reliably deliver high-quality and durable solutions, which last from one generation to the next, thanks to their optimal design.

Their own sales network and retailers dedicated to their products provide worldwide assistance and service in support of Treston products.


Woodwell Tools Manufacturing Limited is a foreign capital enterprise registered by Hong Kong Wah Tat Hardware & Tools Limited. Founded in 1982, Woodwell has been serving furniture manufacturers, renovation professionals, and Do-It-Yourself-ers worldwide for more than 30 years.

Woodwell products have become not only carpenters and home renovators' best helpers, but also artwork collectors' best treasures. Dominating the Hong Kong market, these tools also stretch throughout Asia and across every continent. Woodwell welcomes prospective distributors. Woodwell provides technical and marketing support. Talk to them if you are interested in bringing their products to your country!


Yale is one of the oldest, original manufacturers of forklift trucks in the world, having been in the business of lifting for over 137 years! Yale has learned a lot in so many years of helping customers solve materials handling challenges, and it is their goal - every day - to continue improving, providing you with the solutions you need, how and when you need them.

Their tagline, "People. Products. Productivity.™" sums up the elements of business Yale thinks make them most successful.  Yale believes it is truly a team effort that is responsible for impressive Yale history and longevity in this very demanding industry:


Yale employees and their suppliers around the world are dedicated to solving challenges and helping each customer's business run more smoothly. Their dealers are all carefully selected to assure highly responsive, consistent service in every region of the globe. Their customers - you - are their most important partners.  Working with Yale and their dealers they believe they can deliver the best lift trucks and services possible for your business.


Yale has an unrivaled heritage in the design and manufacture of a wide range of materials handling equipment, from specialty warehouse equipment to traditional counterbalanced forklift truck models, powered by electric, diesel, LPG, CNG and now hydrogen fuel cells. They have an unwavering commitment to quality. All their global facilities have ISO registrations and use highly advanced design, manufacturing and testing methods. They never rest on their laurels they invest in research and development to make sure they continue to solve new customer challenges and remain leaders in the industry.


At Yale, they understand that materials handling equipment is not your business, but a means to an end a way to help you run your business more efficiently and profitably. All of their materials handling equipment is designed to improve productivity, by allowing finished goods, components and raw materials to be handled in the most efficient manner and helping operators remain both comfortable and safe. They believe services that support their equipment are just as important as the products themselves, so they offer parts, maintenance, financing and fleet management programs designed to maximize uptime and minimize ownership costs.

For more information on YK Toh Marketing (S) Pte Ltd, do head over to their dedicated page at https://obbo.sg/marketplace/seller/profile/shop/yktoh

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