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SME Feature: Warenest Hardware

About Us

Warenest were built along Bukit Batok Crescent in 1977. It carried an extensive array of the latest building and finishing materials from international and local markets. A few years after its successful yet humble inception, more and more branches were established across the Metro and in various provinces in the country.

It has been the company’s goal to offer consumers not only with quality products, but also, with utmost customer satisfaction. Warenest revolutionised the construction-supply industry as it committed itself to providing convenient shopping and excellent services such as air-conditioned shops, ample parking spaces, coffee shops , delivery services, interior design consultation, recreation corner for children, tile-cutting services, product installations and repairs. These have made Warenest a household name and a pioneer of the construction-supply industry for the past xx years.


Fullfill needs for General / Industrial Hardware, Power tools, Paints & DIY Products.


Their vision is to become the preferred company in their industry for all their key stakeholders: their customers, their partners, their employees, their shareholders and the society we live in.

To deserve the trust and respect their key stakeholders place in us, they at Warenest Hardware differentiates themselves by the standard of excellence and commitment they adhere to.

For their customers, they are committed to delivering products and solutions of superior quality and providing excellent and reliable service.

For their partners, they are committed to nurturing a winning network of suppliers in order to create mutual and enduring value.

For their employees, they are committed to create an environment that respects their dignity as persons, cultivates knowledge and talent, and empowers them to be the best they can be through continuous career and development opportunities.

For their shareholders, they are committed to maximise long – term returns to shareholders that can enable growth and prosperity in the business, and in turn, provide more opportunities for their employees and more solutions to their customers.

For the society we live in, they are committed to contributing the best expertise, knowledge, skills, and resources to promote stronger, safer and more sustainable homes and buildings for all kinds of people.

6 Things to Consider Using Paints

1. Interior Paints

Their Interior Paints come in a vast spectrum of classic and contemporary colour wall paints, with finishes ranging from matt to glossy. And if you thought paint merely added colour, think again. Specialised paints include easy-to-wash coatings and anti-bacterial paints that protect your family as well as your walls from harm. These are the best interior paints colour that you can find!

2. Exterior Paints

Our tropical climate is extremely hard and demanding on Exterior Paints. That is why Nippon Paint exterior paint products combine high performance & durability with beauty, keeping your exterior wall painting looking beautiful for years after application. Nippon Paint Exterior Paints come in a wide range of sought-after colours, and incorporate a plethora of benefits and features, such as in-built anti-fungal and weather-resistant properties.

3. Wood & Metal Paints

Nippon Paint makes a range of hard-working Wood and Metal Paints for doors and door-frames, furniture, exposed piping and every imaginable surface in your home. High performance, durable and easy to apply, Nippon's paint for wood and paint for metal are the perfect complement to Nippon Paint wall and ceiling paints, and promise the perfect pairing of durability and beauty.

4. Wood Paints

Nippon Paints makes a range of Wood Paints for interior and exterior applications, specially formulated to protect wooden surfaces while enhancing the natural grain of the wood. High performance wood varnish, durable and easy to apply, Nippon Paint Wood Paints maximise the life of your wooden features and furnishings while minimising the risk of mould and rot.

5. Spray Paints

Revitalize old items. Nippon Paint offer the best spray painting experience, and unleash your creativity. On-the-go. Their quality, quick-dry performance Pylox Spray Paint is perfect for decorative and protective purposes! Comes in a wide selection of colours in gloss, metallic and fluorescent finishes, Pylox Spray Paint quick-dry performance spray paint not only protects, it can also restore or transform surfaces to create a fresh, new look.

6. Painting Tools

Choosing the right Painting Tools for the job is critical to the success of every painting project. Save yourself frustration and money by investing in quality Nippon Paint Painting Tools, comprising bushes and rollers in every size.

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