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SME Feature: Victory Hardware Company

Abrasive Specialist Since 1978

A dream to help Singapore booming manufacturing industrial sector in the 1970s, Victory Hardware Company was founded in 1978 in Singapore as an Abrasive Distributor with the sole purpose of helping manufacturing industrial firms source for quality abrasive products.

Staying true to the philosophy of the firm, Victory Hardware not only survived through the rapid economic development of Singapore but also has grown from strength to strength over the past 3 decades as a quality abrasive distributor, always putting customers interests first.

Victory Hardware is a sole agent and authorized distributor of high-quality European abrasive products such as VSM Abrasive, Verox, Sonnenflex, Lapport, Cecrops and many more. The focus on Abrasives have positioned Victory Hardware as a Specialist in Quality Abrasive Distributor and Supplier to major industries in Singapore.

The wide range of product line coupled with authorised and sole distribution rights is a testament of Victory’s unwavering dedication to provide industrialists a wholesome experience in sourcing for quality abrasive products. The emphasis on quality abrasive allows us to provide products that meets world-class standards of manufacturing safety and usability.

Victory Hardware Company supplies to a wide range of industry encompasses precision engineering, marine, aerospace and oil and gas sectors.

Abrasive Specialist Since 1978

Victory Hardware Company supplies oSa certified abrasives, which guarantees products are safety-audited which minimises personal liability risk. This have helped to gain the trust and support of their valued customers.

4 Types of Abrasive Applications That You Never Knew

1. Cutting & Grinding

Victory Hardware Company distributes world renowned cut-off wheels which sets the standard in the industry because they are engineered for fast, free and cool cutting. Most of the products are oSa certified adhering to the highest standards of abrasives. With the grinding and cutting operation, swift, efficient, safe products are of paramount importance. The products are specifically catered to unique applications and needs. Whether you’re cutting metal, concrete, stone, tiles, hard cast iron, aluminium, PVC or plastic pipes, choose a cutting and grinding wheel with Victory Hardware Company for the next application.

2. Deburring, Blending & Surface Preparation

Remove welds seam and sand them down in one simple step! The line of blending discs helps to do these two steps with one product. Have burrs after machining? No problem! Victory Hardware Company is always focused on efficiency and effectiveness, keeping safety in mind. With the products, you can be sure to prepare your required surface to your requirements! With a wide range of deburring and blending solutions, Victory Hardware Company is sure to handle all types of metal, welding and finishing requirements.

3. Sanding

Sanding abrasive products have played an important role in the surface finish of products that we have seen around us. As technology advances throughout the decades, the abrasive technology have also kept up, providing us with high quality cleaning and surface preparation. From Sanding Discs, Flap Wheels, or Manual Finishing abrasives, Victory Hardware Company has them all. The products are suitable for DIY, as well as heavy industrial usage in the aerospace, oil & gas and many other specialty markets!

4. Finishing & Polishing

Victory Hardware Company has gotten you covered till the end! Whether you are looking to produce a satin finish, hairline finish, polished finish & mirror finish, Victory Hardware Company has the right products for your application! This is the final step to achieving your desired finish, with our products, we aim to provide and advise methods to give you your desired finish, surface roughness in the most cost effective and efficient manner!

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