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SME Feature: Silicon Instrumentation Pte Ltd

About Us

They supply Electronic Test & Measuring Instrument of Digital Multimeters, Eprom Programmers, DC/AC Electronic Loads, Insulation Testers, Frequency Counters, Function Generators, LCR Meters, Digital Storage or Analog Oscilloscopes, Power Supplies, etc.

The Art Of Measurement - LUTRON METERS

Anemometers, Cable Checker, Chlorine, AC/DC Clamp Meters, Conductivity, CO2, Color Analyzer, Decades Box, DO, EMF, Earth Testers, Humidity/Temp, Light, Manometers, ORP, PH, Pressure Meters, Pure Water, Salt, Sound Level, Tachometer, Thermometers, Vibration Meters, UV Light, Power Analyzer, Scales & Balances, Turbility, Industrial Transmitters, etc

4 Types of ADVANTECH Products to Consider

1. PC Based Serial Flash Programmer

PC based USB interface serial flash programmer, support 3.3V to 1.8V Flash in VCC and I/O. High programming speed, it can program at 30Mbps, it blank checking, programming and verify a 64 Mb serial flash in 53 second. Support all maker's serial flash chip from 512KB up to 2GB.

2. LabTool-48UXP Universal Programmer

The LabTool-48UXP is a universal device programmer, which works through your PC's USB port or parallel port. It features a 48-pin universal pin driver and an expandable TTL pin driver. It supports over 7000 different devices (including memory, logic and single chip) in current software release, new chip will add to the support in quarterly based software update.

3. LabTool-T400 Turbo Flash Gang Programmer

LabTool-T400 Turbo flash gang programmer is four sockets PC-based gang programmer. It features four independent isolated modules, extremely high speed in writing flash memory chip. It supports 3.3V, 2.7V, 1.8V and 1.2V chip in both VCC and VIO without low voltage converter and handles 8/16/32 bits flash chip in different package through adapter modules, up to 128GB flash can be supported.

4. LabTool-848XP Turbo Gang Programmer

The LabTool-848XP is a gang programmer, which works through your PC's USB port or parallel port. It features 8 pcs fully isolated 48 pin ZIF socket, extremely high throughput, standard 5V and 3V chip support, device insertion and continuity checks.

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