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SME Feature: S I Engineering Pte Ltd

About Us

Over the past decade, S I Engineering, P.C. (SIE) has built a strong reputation in delivering a wide range of projects for their clients in the public and private sectors. Their diverse staff of talented engineers, inspectors, and technical and construction professionals have brought their expertise to local community improvement projects to large high profile mega million dollar infrastructure projects. As a certified D/M/WBE firm, SIE provides services in civil, structural & transportation engineering, construction management & inspection, bridge design & inspection, building & facility inspection, and lighting design. They are dedicated towards providing consistent high-quality and innovative services with utmost professionalism, and helping their clients complete their projects in a timely, safe and cost-efficient manner.

At SIE, they use the latest technology and software to maximise their contribution to their projects and clients. Their staffs undergo regular technical and managerial training to continue being responsive and fully capable of proactively solving complex design and construction challenges. The firm’s principals and senior management continue to remain involved to ensure that each project is given the attention, time and resources it needs for successful completion and to surpass all clients’ expectations.

8 Types of Services Provided by S I Engineering Pte Ltd

1. Transportation Engineering

From transportation planning, ITS, inspection, construction management to traffic engineering, their goal is to ensure safety, reliability, security, accessibility and quality of their transportation systems. SIE's experience covers multiple forms of transportation, including airports, rail and transit, bicycle and pedestrian routes, buses, roads and ports. They have brought their expertise, advanced technology and specialized software, and management talent to solve complicated project challenges. They use specialized software including McTrans Highway Capacity Software, “Vissim” and “Rodel”. Working with large integrated team and specialty firms, they deliver sustainable solutions that bring social, economic and environmental benefits to all stakeholders.

Services Provided:

- Transportation Planning & Design

- Traffic Demand Management (TDM)

- ITS Asset Management

- Toll Studies

- Traffic System Management (TSM) and Traffic Operation

- Traffic Signal Design

- Accident Analyses and Safety Studies

- MPT and Staging Plans

- Parking Design & Studies

- Corridor Studies

2. Civil Engineering

Growing vehicular and foot traffic, extreme weather and regular wear and tear take a heavy toll on our streets, roadways and highways. SIE’s full range of civil engineering services are aimed at keeping travel routes safe, durable, efficient and well maintained. Their engineers and technical staff are well versed in utility relocation, toll plazas, drainage design and storm water management, traffic and noise impact assessment, signage and pavement markings, concrete and backfill, and road relocations. They use latest software and design techniques for complex scheduling and construction phasing to minimise disruption, maintain traffic during construction, while keeping the project within the planned budget.

Services Provided:

- Highway Design

- Water Main Design

- Roadway & Street Design

- Drainage Design/Relocation

- Utility Design/Relocation

- Storm & Sanitary Sewer Design

- Lighting Design

- Construction Management

- Resident Engineering Inspection

Construction Inspection

3. Structural Engineering

Working closely with owners and clients, architects and builders, their team of NHI-certified structural engineers use innovative methods to solve complex structural issues. SIE offers structural design, evaluation, inspection and rating services for a wide variety of buildings, facilities, highways, railroads and movable bridges. They use 3D building modeling to test structures for load, fracture and fatigue. Their goal is to make sure that structures are strong, stable, durable, sustainable, aesthetic, efficient, and built to stand the test of time.

Services Provided:

- Roadway Bridges

- Movable Bridges

- Bus Depots and Facilities

- Railroad Bridges

- Culverts

- Utility Bridges

- Pedestrian Bridges

- Buildings and Historic Structures

4. Bridge Inspection

SIE offers a full range of bridge inspection services for safety and condition inspection. SIE's experience includes inspections of bridges over water, railroad bridges, highway bridges, and pedestrian bridges, as well as sign structures. SIE has also performed underwater condition inspection. Their team of NHI certified bridge inspectors is equipped with both Team Leaders and Assistant Team Leaders that are experienced in preparing inspection reports, load rating analysis, noting flagged conditions, and preparing structural repair recommendations.

Services Provided:

- Bridge Inspection

- Preparation of Sketches of Deteriorated Areas

- Development of Repair Details for "Flags"

- Preparation of Inspection Report

- Seismic Vulnerability Screening

- Load Rating Tabulation and Design Recommendation

5. Facility Condition Inspection

SIE offers a full range of building inspection services including code compliance, condition surveys, and assessments. Their inspection team consists of multi-disciplined licensed professionals and are well experienced in the key issues of code compliance and quality control. Their projects include various types buildings and facilities, including airports, transit facilities, warehouses, stadiums, office buildings, hospitals, laboratories, schools, churches, courthouses, multi-family apartments & condominiums, and residential complexes for their public and private clients.

Services Provided:

- Building Code Compliance

- Mechanical/HVAC Inspection

- Electrical Systems Inspection

- Plumbing Systems Inspection

- Condition Inspection

- Structural Evaluation

- ADA Codes Compliance

- Resident Engineering & Inspection Services

6. Construction Inspection / Resident Engineering Inspection

Led by the firm’s principal, SIE’s Construction Inspection/Resident Engineering Inspection services assure their clients that projects are fully compliant with design. Both as prime and sub-consultant, SIE provides CI/REI services on numerous types of projects including buildings and transportation facilities. They match staff with project type and client needs, developing an enviable reputation for responsiveness, diversity and flexibility. They also have the ability to augment resources as needed to serve “on-call” or requirements-type contracts. Their team is thoroughly trained to be proficient and proactive in maintaining safety and quality at construction sites, resolving disputes and following guidelines to minimise impact during construction.

Services Provided:

- Daily Inspection Services

- Reporting and Documentation

- Project Management

- Constructability Review

- Coordination with Contractors and Vendors

- Traffic Control Coordination

- Utilities Coordination

- Shop Drawing Review

- Requisition Review

- Claim Management

- As-Built Drawings

- Punch List

- Project Close-Out

- Schedule Monitoring

- Cost Estimating

- Community Liaison and Communication

7. Program Management / Construction Management

Modern construction projects are complex, requiring superior management skills to assure successful completion. At SIE, they are committed to delivering quality projects in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner. They use latest technology, advanced project controls, and stringent in-house quality standards. From pre-construction planning, construction and project close-out, they are proactively involved in managing all construction activities. Their staff includes Cost Estimators, Schedulers, Safety personnel, Value Engineers, LEED-Accredited Professionals, and BIM-Certified Personnel.

Services Provided:

- Program/Project Management

- Project Controls - Cost and Schedule Management

- Contract Administration

- Pre-Construction Services

- Construction Phase Services

- Change Order Management

- Safety

- Quality Control and Quality Assurance

- Document Control

- Value Engineering

- Constructability Reviews

- Community Outreach

- Post-Construction Services

8. Lighting Design

Lighting design is a collaborative process involving all project team members to create and enhance internal and external environments and surroundings. Their lighting group, led by the firm’s President, offers lighting design and consulting services for a wide array of projects including: buildings, parks, parking lots, garages, and transit and transportation systems including roadways, streetscapes, highways, intersections, rest areas tunnels, and work zone lighting. Their team of experienced designers are proficient with the latest codes, standards and client requirements. The designs we produce incorporate features such as energy efficiency, safety and security, and aim to enhance architectural form and function.

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