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SME Feature: Power-Gen Batteries

Company Profile

Power-Gen Batteries Pte Ltd (Power-Gen) is a leading portable battery company based in Singapore with core competencies in battery technologies. Power-Gen batteries are premium quality battery products manufactured by world class battery manufacturers with leading technologies and factories are ISO certified to ensure the products meet the highest quality standards.

8 Types of Product Range

Power-Gen batteries are manufactured using quality materials that will result in products of highest quality and performance. They are committed to develop the widest range of battery products that will satisfy their customers’ needs and giving true value for money products.

The full range of Power-Gen batteries includes the following:- 1. Full Range of Premium Alkaline Batteries 2. Full Range of Zinc Carbon (Premium Heavy Duty) Batteries 3. Full Range of NiCd and NiMH Rechargeable Batteries 4. Battery Chargers and Accessories 5. Customized Battery Packs 6. Lithium Coin Batteries 7. Lithium Cylindrical Batteries 8. Alkaline Button Cells

They are committed to providing competitive prices and excellent services to gain customers’ confidence and support as a value added supplier.

Do Check Out Power-Gen Batteries if you are:

1. Looking for batteries with the best prices as we are the Manufacturer and Direct Marketing company with direct supply to you and by-passing the middle man traders

2. Needing our advice and expertise in battery selection for your requirement and technical support

3. Interested to have business co-operation with us in importing or distribution of Singapore Power-Gen designed batteries

For more information on Power-Gen Batteries, do head over to their dedicated page at https://obbo.sg/marketplace/seller/profile/shop/powergen

e: hello@obbo.sg

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