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SME Feature: Omark Worldwide

The Company

Omark Worldwide is a renowned manufacturer with over 40 years of experience in the business of customized adhesive tapes, packaging materials, plastic bags and paper products. They currently distribute and supply their premium performance solutions to diverse industries, working closely with their distributors and wholesalers worldwide.

At Omark Worldwide, they are committed to providing premium products at the best value to their global consumers.

They aim to be at the forefront of manufacturing by constantly re-engineering their manufacturing processes and continually upgrading their machinery with the latest technology.

Additionally, the dedicated research into new products aims to improve lives and raise the green awareness of the today's generation.

19 Types of Adhesive Tapes

1. Aluminum Foil Tape

It is manufactured using Aluminium Foil with a common application among various operations which involves high humidity and extreme temperatures. Built from the toughest materials, providing the best solution for heating and cooling applications.

2. Cellophane Tape

It is commonly known as Scotch Tape among households, serving a variety of purposes ranging from simple craft projects to wrapping gifts. Tearing it into the appropriate sizes is one of the distinct feature, providing great convenience to users.

3. Cloth Tape

It is highly conformable to multiple surfaces with high resistance to abrasion and aging, allowing users to repair what seems to be defective. Thus, making it an excellent solution for carpet sealing, book binding and various types of industrial works.

4. Double Sided Acrylic Foam Tape

It features robust bonding between surfaces, making it possible to even replace the common mechanical fasteners. It provides excellent shock absorption, gasketing, vibration damping and soundproofing, making it the top choice among the Automobile industry.

5. Double Sided Cloth Tape

It is made with an enhanced cloth backing, making it exceptionally durable and rugged. Accommodating to irregular surfaces, making it a valuable solution for most project needs.

6. Double Sided EVA Foam Tape

It features a flexible and compact cell foam with high frequencies of linkages, providing high level of adhesion and shear strength which contributes to the long ageing properties.

7. Double Sided PE Foam Tape

It features a strong bond with a variety of surfaces, making it a versatile tool commonly applied. Boasting strong performance over a wide range of temperature with superior shock resistance.

8. Double Sided Tissue Tape

It is a product commonly found in household and office, recommended for light duty application. It performs with ultimate conformability and stability, making it a preferred option over the rest.

9. Filament Tape

It is coated with a thick layer of pressure sensitive adhesive, backed by polypropylene film and fiberglass filaments. It is the heavy duty solution for all your packaging and bundling needs.

10. Floor Marking Tape

It features strong resistance against oil, moisture, solvents and scuffing, allowing it to stick firmly on possibly any dry surface. Made highly visible, providing strong and constant reminders to users of the marked area.

11. General Purpose Masking Tape

It is applied to possibly all industries one could think of, making it a highly versatile product. This is perfectly backed with crepe paper, coated with premium natural rubber adhesive to enhance its performance.

12. High Temperature Automotive Masking Tape

It features a special blend of formula specifically catering to the requirements of the automotive market. Having the ability to withstand extreme temperatures with premium adhesive properties, presenting to you the perfect solution.

13. Kraft Paper Tape

It features an excellent balance of tensile and tear strength, designed to perform under moist conditions. It boasts natural rubber adhesive with premium crepe paper, making it an ideal solution to various applications.

14. OPP Tape

It is also known as carton sealing tape, widely applied for sealing cartons and other forms of packages. It boasts an enhanced thickness to provide superior conformability with promised reliability.

15. PTFE Thread Seal Tape

It is made from a non-reactive material that has the lowest coefficient of friction, serving as a convenient replacement for all the piping needs.

16. PVC Bakery Tape

It features a combination of PVC film with premium rubber adhesive for instant tack with strong bonds formed. It is an excellent choice for tagging and coding purposes.

17. PVC Insulation Tape

It is made from a versatile material that is flame retardant and supports strong degree of electrical insulation, making it the ideal solution for mechanical and electrical protection.

18. Red White Hazard Tape

It is made with durable and resilient plastic which features tear-proof properties. A popular safety tool that serves as a warning to possible hazard within the contained area or situation.

19. Washi Tape

It is a combination of premium rice paper coated with natural rubber adhesive, manufactured to provide enhanced performance. The bespoke product among all tapes, the washi tape.

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