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SME Feature: Gold Wind Engineering

About Us

Gold Wind Engineering (S) Pte Ltd was established in 2011. They are the provider that delivers material handling products and services to their clients throughout Singapore & Malaysia. They are primarily focusing on storage racking, equipment and warehouse safety inspections .

Racking System: Superblock Racking System

Superblock Racking System is a unique design specifically for warehousing storage solution. The column distance can be up to 5 meters for each of the column distance.

The loading of a mezzanine floor can range from 250kg per m2 to 500kg per m2 and will be designed by their project team to suit your requirements.

It is the ideal solution to maximise the available space that you have. Instead of moving to a new premise, you are able to use the elevated area – creating additional floor space from wasted space above your existing working areas.

When it comes to planning a suitable layout for your storage platform mezzanine floor requirements, the project team will maximise space utilisation and ensure your design is both cost effective and practical.

Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions for Mezzanine Floor Installation

1. Do I need to submit to Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)?

Superblock Racking System can be exempted from GFA as long as it is used for storage purposes only. The standalone modular system can be installed simply and dismantled easily, and it does not require bolting to the ground, wall or welding.

2. Do I need to submit to Civil Defence force (SCDF)?

Yes, submission is required. You may request for waiver of submission if the type of the platform is too small.

3. Do I need to submit Building and Construction Authority (BCA)?

Yes, getting submissions for structural plans are required. To get the Notice of Approval, it will take about 4 to 6 weeks before the installation starts. After the completion of installation works, the works must be carried out accordingly to the submission plan. Any change of the design will be not accepted.

4. Do I need to inform the landlord if I want to install a mezzanine floor?

Most landlords would require you to inform them of any proposed works and confirmation or approval from the building management. Gold Wind Engineering can provide specification and design layout plans for you if required.

5. Are your installers experienced to build Mezzanine floors?

We have been installing mezzanine floors nationally for over 21 years and have significant project experience.

For more information on Gold Wind Engineering, do head over to their dedicated page at https://obbo.sg/marketplace/seller/profile/shop/goldwind-engineering

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