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SME Feature: Dual-Lite Electric Pte Ltd

About Us

Thanks to their endless effort and wide networks, Dual-Lite Electric Pte Ltd has been prominently distinguished from their competition by objectively matching their customers’ needs to various customised products at reasonable prices. This service, in tuned to the ease and flexibility to their customers, is something they term Lighting Innovation. Their team of dedicated staff, along with their more than 40 years of experience in the lighting industry are committed in contributing their best; in terms of product and professional services; bringing total satisfaction to their customers.

Dual-Lite Electric Pte Ltd is the appointed Distributor in Singapore for Hubbell Lighting and Hubbell Wiring Devices. They are proud of their strong client-focus and long-term customer and supplier relationships. As a recognised supplier in the lighting industry, it is their mission to work hand in hand to deliver consistently superior value to their customers and their clients. The past year, they officially expanded their business to architectural lighting from residential, retail, commercial, and institutional applications. They are the Distributor of Gardco. This dedication allows us to continuously develop and improve their services and the processes to fulfil your need for quality lighting solutions.

Why Us

At Dual-Lite, they do not sell you just the parts and pieces; they help you build the plan with fixtures that best suits your needs.

Their areas of expertise and business activities are:

1. Specification Work For New Projects This aspect sees themselves working hand in hand with consultants, from the drawing block to the date of tender. Their work involves lighting design, photometry calculations and printouts as well as proposing for the different type of lighting that best fits the requirements.

2. Assembly Of Light Fittings Flexibility coupled with their expertise in the industry has allowed us “create” fixtures to meet the needs of their customers, from poles to lamps and reflectors, they know it all.


High Bay Light Suppliers, Industrial lighting supplier, Led supplier, Explosion Proof Led Lighting and Hubbell Lighting, Hubbell wiring devices Distributors Wholesalers in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & Thailand

Dual-Lite represents Hubbell Lighting which is one of the world leaders in the design, innovation and production of energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures, as well as traditional HID luminaries. Hubbell has a huge variety of lighting products that are superior in specifications, quality and energy efficiency to help clients keep their lighting cost low. The wide range of products caters to various industries like commercial, industrial and hazardous locations like the oil and gas industry.

Dual-Lite Electric growing customer base spans the entire South East Asia like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and even the middle east. Dual-Lite Electric is poised for even more growth in the coming years due to its ongoing commitment to expand and develop its industrial product line for street lighting, sports lighting, flood lighting, industrial factory lighting and other commercial outdoor or indoor lighting applications.

5 Types of Industrial Lighting Recommended For Your Business

1. HUBBELL Lighting

Hubbell Lighting is one of the largest lighting fixture manufacturers in North America. The company provides a full range of indoor and outdoor lighting products serving the commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential markets. The popular product categories include such as LED Wallpacks, Outdoor Lighting Wallpacks, Outdoor Lighting Floods, Indoor HID Lighting Accessories, Yardlights, Outdoor Lighting Accessories etc.

2. HUBBELL Wiring Devices / Premise Wiring Devices

These devices would include audio/video, cable, connectors, grounding and bonding, patch cords, patch panels, plates/frames/housings, racks and enclosures, residential enclosures and modules, wire/cable/hose management.

3. PHILIPS Advance / Bodine / Sage


The B60 fluorescent emergency ballast works in conjunction with an AC ballast to convert new or existing fluorescent fixtures into emergency lighting. The emergency ballast consists of a high-temperature nickel-cadmium battery, charger and electronic circuitry in one compact red case. The B60 can be used with most 17 - 215 W (2' - 8') T8, T10 or T12 fluorescent lamps without integral starters, including U-shaped, HO, VHO, circline and energy-saving, and (4-pin) long compacts. It is also compatible with most one-, two-, three- and four-lamp electronic, standard, energy-saving and dimming AC ballasts. If used in an emergency-only fixture, no AC ballast is necessary. The B60 is suitable for indoor locations. It is not suitable for air handling heated air outlets or wet, damp or hazardous locations.


When AC power fails, the B60 immediately switches to the emergency mode, operating either one or two lamps at a reduced lumen output for a minimum of 90 minutes. When AC power is restored, the emergency ballast automatically returns to the charging mode and, using a patented circuit, delays AC ballast operation for approximately 3 seconds to prevent false tripping of the AC ballast end-of-lamp-life shutdown circuits.


The B60 does not affect normal fixture operation and may be used with either a switched or un-switched fixture. If a switched fixture is used, an un-switched hot lead must be connected to the emergency ballast. The emergency ballast must be fed from the same branch circuit as the AC ballast. The B60 may be installed inside, on top of or remote from the fixture. The emergency ballast may be remotely installed up to half the distance the AC ballast manufacturer recommends removing the AC ballast from the lamp or up to 50 feet, whichever is less. Installation is not recommended with fixtures where the ambient temperature may fall below 0°C.

UL and Code Compliance

The B60 has been tested by Underwriters Laboratories in accordance with the standards set forth in UL 924, "Emergency Light and Power Equipment," and is UL Listed for factory or field installation. Emergency illumination time exceeds the National Electrical Code (NEC), Life Safety Code (NFPA–LSC) and UL 90-minute requirements.


ABLUX lighting products from ABTECH Group Company provide a range of hazardous area lighting products and this product line includes various floodlights and luminaries suitable for hazardous areas along with associated specialist lighting components. ABLUX is also known for providing customised lighting solutions designed to the customer’s specifications.

5. ELR / LED / Architecture

The ELR50 is an equiv. LED replacement for dichroic halogen MR16 lamp for new constructions and also retrofits. ELR50 also means a replacement for dichroic lamp with matching light output intensity and quality. ELR50 provide strong LED lumen in a small 50mm (2") diameter and controlled CBCP (Centre Beam Candela Power), which are critical for general and accent lighting. The ERL50 produce quality warm and cool white light with LED that saving minimum 70% of electrical power when compare to dichroic halogen MR16 lamp. The novel constructions of ELR50 also preserve the elegant appearance of traditional dichroic halogen MR16 Lamp.

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