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SME Feature: Chuan Kok Hardware & Machinery Pte Ltd

5 Reasons Why Choose Chuan Kok?

1. Because they can understand what you need With 36 years of knowledge in serving the marine and offshore industry, they are able to understand your technical requirements.

2. Because they can give you what you require With 15,520 line items in their inventory, they are able to meet your hydraulic component requirements.

3. Because they can give you the parts now They understand that you want the items fast. They are committed to delivering ex-stock items within 3 working days.

4. Because they can ship their products to where you are, globally With their experience in serving the global community, they are well versed in preparing various documents that you require for export declarations.

5. Because they can give you quality services to ISO 9001 standards Their work processes are certified in accordance to ISO 9001 quality management principles.

Their Vision​

Empowering Global Energy

Their Purpose​

To deliver for their clients unfailing products that they can depend on, expert advice that they can count on, and unmatched after sales service

Their Core Values​

Passion:  Energetic, Optimistic, determined Growth: Learn and Take Action Family: We care, We share, We love Integrity: I am my word. I do what I say

7 Types of High Pressure Fittings

1. Hydraulic Compression Fittings

Description: Compression fittings are made in accordance with DIN 2353/ISO 8434-1 standard, equivalent to EO Fittings. They are also known as DIN type tube fittings or tube connectors. DIN fittings are designed for hydraulic oils application and are consists of nut, sleeve, and fitting body.

The series of compression fittings are determined by tube sizes namely, LL series, L series, and S series. The working pressure is determined by the series and tube sizes. DIN fittings are available in brass, steel, and stainless steel. ​ Features:

- Size Range: 4 MM to 42 MM

- Design Standard: DIN2353 / ISO 8434-1

- Material: SS316 / Steel / Brass

- Working Pressure: Up to 800 Bar

- Brand: Eaton Walterscheid / Reliable Fluid Systems

- Origin: Germany / Korea

2. Pipe Fittings

Description: Pipe fittings are made in accordance with ASME B16.11, MSS-SP-79\83\95\97, and BS3799 standards. Forged pipe fittings are used to build connection, between nominal bore schedule pipe and pipelines. They are supplied for extensive application range, such as chemical, petrochemical, power generation and OEM manufacturing industry.

Forged pipe fittings are typically available in two materials: Steel (A105)  and Stainless Steel (SS316L) with 2 series of pressure rating: 3000 series and 6000 series. The brand for pipe fittings is Both-Well and LAME, equivalent to ULMA, JD, and IML. 

End connections of fittings are required to comply with pipe ends, either socket weld to plain end, or NPT to threaded end. Different end connection such as socket weld x threaded can be customized upon request.


- Size Range: 1/4" to 4"

- Design Standard: ASME B16.11

- Connection: Socket Weld / NPT

- Material: A105 / SS316L​

- Working Pressure: 3000# / 6000#

- Brand: Both-Well / LAME

- Origin: Taiwan / Italy​​​

3. JIC Fittings

Description: JIC fittings are made in accordance with SAE J514 standards. JIC fittings are most commonly known as 37 degree flare fittings, for its 37 degree flare on the seating surface. They are suitable for general hydraulic systems and industrial equipment applications such as fuel oil, deluge systems, and compressed air.

The materials used to fabricate JIC fittings are Steel and Stainless Steel. These fittings are widely used in high pressure application, as it can withstand up to 430 Bar working pressure.


- Size Range: 1/4" to 1 1/2"

- Design Standard: SAE J514 / ISO 8434-2

- Connection: JIC x JIC / JIC x NPT / JIC x BSPP

- Material: Steel / SS316

- Working Pressure: Up to 430 Bar

- Brand: RFS / HSME

- Origin: Korea​ 4. Tube Fittings

Description: Tube fittings provides a metal to metal seal between tube and ferrules. These fittings are well known as double ferrule fittings or instrumentation fittings that has a generic design that has been used in industry since 1940s. ​ Instrumentation fittings are supplied in a wide range of applications such as shipbuilding, oil and gas, chemical, fuel, and power generation. The available materials for twin ferrule fittings are stainless steel and brass, with a working pressure for double ferrule fittings up to 670 Bar, depending on tube wall thickness and tube material.

Fittings available are also equivalent to Swagelok or Parker Alok fittings.


- Metric Size Range: 6 MM to 42 MM

- Inch Size Range: 1/4"OD to 2"OD

- Design Standard: Double Ferrule Design

- Material: SS316 / Brass

- Working Pressure: Up to 670 Bar

- Brand: RFS / KPL

- Origin: Korea

5. Quick Connect Fittings

Description: Quick connect fittings are made in various design, depending on the type of quick couplings, like ISO 7241-A, ISO 7241-B, Gromelle 6000 and Hansen W6000, equivalent to Parker and Faster as well. These quick connect fittings are used to build or disrupt the connection of fluid lines. ​ It is known as a quick release coupling, quick coupler, or quick coupling. Quick coupling are supplied to a wide range of application such as agricultural, chemical, and hydraulic applications. They can tolerate up to 950 Bar working pressure. The materials used to fabricate quick couplers are steel and stainless steel. ​ ​Features:

- Size Range: 1/4" to 2"

- Design: ISO 7241-A Norm / ISO 7241-B Norm / Gromelle 6000 / Hansen W6000 Series

- Material: Steel / SS316 / Brass

- Working Pressure: Up to 950 Bar

- Connections: BSPP, NPT

- Brand: Inteva / Stauff

- Origin: Spain​

6. Adapter Fittings

Description: RFS Adapters are used to connect system equipment when no standard solution is possible (for example different threads or size reductions etc.). RFS Adapters mainly consist of steel and stainless steel material and provide instant solutions to ensure no project delays.


- Size Range: 1/8" to 2"

- Design Standard: Various Design Standards.

- Connection: BSPP, NPT, BSPP x NPT

- Material: Steel / SS316

- Working Pressure: Up to 420 Bar

- Brand: RFS

- Origin: China​

7. Hammer Unions

Description: Hammer unions are manufactured in form of castings or forgings, depending on the pressure rating.  There are 3 parts to assembly hammer union which is nut, male sub, and female sub. There are 18 figures available for different service requirement. 

The size of hammer unions are available from 1" to 12" with pressure rating up to 20,000 PSI, depend on the figures type. The sealing between male and female subs is metal to metal seal or o-ring seal. Metal to metal seal are for low pressure applications while o-ring seal are for medium or high pressure application. 


- Size Range: 1" to 12"

- Material: Steel

- Working Pressure: Up to 20,000 PSI

- Connections: Threaded, Butt Weld

- Applicable Medium: General Water, Oil & Gas

- Brand: KPL

- Origin: Korea

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