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SME Feature: Alcare Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd

Alcare Pharmaceuticals & What You Should Know

Alcare Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd is an ideal example of the following principles; Quality, Reliability, Integrity & Innovation.

Since its commencement in 1983, Alcare Pharmaceuticals has thus far, accumulated a spectacular 33 years of experience. Unraveling from its humble beginnings as a full-fledged pharmacy, it now prides itself as a holistic incorporation of Wholesale,Trading Sales & Distribution of Pharmaceutical, Medical & Healthcare supplies.

Alcare Pharmaceuticals exhibits qualities of an experienced entity in upholding incredible relations with its esteemed clients & partners. It has achieved its accreditation as a trusted supplier amongst its clientele and partners all throughout its extensive connections. Therefore, this has yielded its efforts in forging ahead towards developing enhanced partnerships with companies worldwide.

You can be assured of the promise in obtaining the greatest value at reasonable prices, regardless of the varying complexities each of your individual product renders.

Company Profile

Alcare’s core values are built upon its philosophy of: Product Excellence, Delivery Reliability & Immense Client Satisfaction. All these attributes facilitates as a true testament to its Service Merit.

Deep-rooted within its desire to innovative progression: Alcare Pharmaceuticals has advanced to be a multifaceted solution provider in the aspect of, integrated Trading & Distribution Solutions. Absolute obligation is present in its duties to keep abreast with the needs of the competitive marketplace. To meet the challenging and diverse requirements of different clients in today’s business context, Alcare will work with clients to develop the required value-added services.

Alcare’s Assurance, Service & Product Quality

Alcare is reliably skilled in ensuring responsible traceability in its efficient distribution processes. Effectively equipped with the proper insights and licensed skills, appropriate quality control procedures are strictly abided to; with accountable audits conducted by its collective 20-staff regularly.

With excellent certification in Good Distribution Practice of Medical Devices (GDPMD), Alcare Pharmaceuticals hereby proudly presents, its diverse range of products.

- First aid supplies and Emergency rescue equipment - Medicine - Surgical Dressings, Syringes and Needles - Diagnostic Products - Schulke & Mayr Products - Owen Mumford Diagnostic Products - Specialty Products

Management, Clients & Partners

Alcare Pharmaceuticals is devoted in producing the finest Customer Service. Pure dedication is inbred in Alcare’s capable team of professionals. The team is steadfast in striving to provide efficient solutions of premier quality. In order to preserve continuous Partnership & Relationship, serious commitment in maintaining a creditable reputation amidst its respected clients & partners, are strictly observed.

With its dynamic team of talented key personnel in their respective job designations, continuous development and growth of the company, can be driven to greater heights. 


MNC, Hardware Suppliers, Hospitals, Specialist Clinics, General Practitioners Clinic,

Nursing Homes, etc.


Cardio Intervention 

- Asahi Intecc Co., Ltd

- Cordis 

- Goodman

- Kaneka

Pharmaceutical Finished Products

- Alcare (OEM) 

- Hankintatukku Oy (Pycnogenol, Ubicap) 

- Natline (Eskimo-3) 

- Reborne (P2Beta) 

- The United Drug (1996) Company Ltd

Surgical & Diagnostics

- DFI 

- Hakuzo Medical Corporation 

- Labtech Diagnostics 

- Owen Mumford 

- SIR Medical 

- WH Diagnostics 

- Young Chemical Co Ltd 

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