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SME Feature: ADH Edehege

About Us

Edehege (ADH) prides itself as a customer-oriented group of companies operating in Asia for over 17 years. Due to the emerging demands for higher performance products and services in the regional manufacturing and packaging industries, Edehege Adhesive Products (Singapore) Pte Ltd was established in the year 2000.

This was followed by Edehege Film Products Co Ltd (Taipei) in Taiwan and Edehege Bond Material Co Ltd (Wuxi) in China.

Leveraging its decades of expertise in material science, adhesive and bonding technologies and domain knowledge in the converting, packaging and manufacturing industries, ADH is capable of providing both consultative and turnkey solutions such as sourcing, design, testing and production of specialised and sophisticated functional materials.

In addition, ADH has progressed to help customers design and systemise converting and packaging processes, which include die-cut tooling, compact precision machineries and quality control equipment supplies. In 2013, ADH rolled out a new initiative to expand its automation line to support high-end digital printing. Hence, Brotech Graphics Singapore Pte Ltd was established to supply pre and post digital print processing and inspection systems.

2015 marked new collaborations with local stockists in Kunshan China, sales office in Shenzhen China, technical sales personnels in Penang Malaysia and New Delhi India. The long anticipated subsidiary Edehege (Thailand) Co Ltd will be operational in Q2 2017. It is a full fletch business facility in Bangkok Thailand that outstretches ADH global presence once again. ADH is committed to provide their clients greater innovation, better efficiency and cost-effective solutions, so as to gain continuous competitiveness in the precision converting industries. ADH always says “We stick to your requirements".


1. Quick response to customers’ requests

2. Quality assured workflow

3. Customer service excellence

4. Competitive price and performance

Company Profile

The company was incorporated in the year 2000 in Singapore. Its business has covered in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Japan, Europe and USA. Their capabilities include material development, converting, lamination, machinery development, supply and servicing, automated QC inspection, sub-assembly, data extraction system supply and servicing.


ADH Singapore consists of two business divisions, namely Edehege Adhesive Products Pte Ltd for Functional Materials & Services (FMS) and Edehege Technology Pte Ltd for Automation & Converting Machineries (ACM).

Each specialising in-depth knowledge of the industrial practice so as to provide their customers with professional consultation and value-added services.

FMS Division (Edehege Adhesive Products Pte Ltd) • Industrial grade Adhesive Tapes • Engineering Plastic Films • Converting Process Tapes • Premium Grade Release Liners • Shielding & Thermal Solutions • High-Performance Label Stocks • Customised Thin Film Laminates • Roll Converting Services

ACM Division (Edehege Technology Pte Ltd) • Robotic Automation Systems • Sub-assembly & QC Inspection Systems • Precision Flat-bed (MATSAVE) & Rotary die-cut machines • Multistage Lamination • Precision Sheet Cutter • XY Axis Super Cutter • Film Rewind Slitter • Adhesive Tape Log Cutter • Material Handling Solutions • Precision Shafts & Light-weight Rollers • Die Tools & Jigs Design and Supplies

3 Types of Products Recommended from Edehege

1. Matsave Series Flatbed Converting Machines

These are used for multi-layered material converting process: • Great for medium quantity production job

• Platform sizes : Compact 200 (IN) x 180mm; Mid-size 300 (IN) x 300mm; Large 420 (IN) x 420mm • Up to 300 strokes per minute (SPM) • Feeding tolerance below 0.1mm • Suitable for all types of flatbed die tools (Etched, Engraved, Steelrule, Compound etc) • Features:                                                                                                                          

- Full safety design                                                                                                      

- Input tension guide local language programmed colour touch panel                                                

- Auto oil lubrication

- Spot (Eye mark) tracking sensor                                          

- Line coordination (Start-Stop) sensors                                                                  

- Non-tension automatic unwind and rewind system - Cascade with any other machines - Low operating noise and floor vibration

2. PIKALEEN - Pick & Clean Sticks

PIKALEEN Pick and Clean Sticks are known for small and delicate components (lens, rubber parts, metals, plastic films etc):

• Pick & Place action

• Non-stain and no watermark

• Cleanroom friendly

• Great for sorting, packing or assembly of small components

• Surface cleaning action by sticking away fine dust or debris

3. Silicone-Free Anti Stick Tape

These are low surface energy embossed PTFE (fluoro resin) film coated with clean acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive:

• Non-stick surface (LSE)

• High slippage property

• Electrical insulation

• Dimension stability

• High operating temperature

• To wrap on rollers or shafts to prevent adhesive residue buildup

• To laminate on work table top to prevent adhesive, gel, ink to be stuck on the table top.

• Perfect for silicone-free environment

For more information on ADH Edehege, do head over to their dedicated page at https://obbo.sg/marketplace/seller/profile/shop/edehege

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