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6 Things to know about First Aid

1. Definition of First Aid:

With the know-how of First Aid and the First Aid kit, you will be empowered with skills and confidence to help in both emergency cases and your common accidents or illnesses.

First aid is the provision of assistance to a person who has been hurt or is suddenly taken ill before he/she gets professional medical help. First aid can sometimes save a person’s life, for instance, the use of Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in emergency situations. It is also more often an essential help given in an everyday accident or illness.

2. Objectives of First Aid:

Promote recovery with the help of first aid kitPrevent further injury using the contents in first aid box to preserve life

3. Importance of First Aid:

Every year, nearly 1 out of 3 deaths in Singapore is due to heart diseases or stroke. Half of these dies suddenly and are out of hospital, because their heart stopped beating before they reach hospital. Being able to provide First Aid such as CPR before medical assistance from the doctors is of utmost importance.

Benefits of CPR:

It can keep oxygenated blood flowing to the brain and other organs until more definitive medical treatment can restore a normal heartbeat. It is always better to have multiple people who are CPR certified in a crisis. One person performing CPR can be exhausting. Two people taking turn to do the job can provide CPR longer.Allow people with the ability to provide help during various emergency situations with the emergency kit.First aid helps to ensure that the right methods of administering medical assistance are provided.Knowledge in First Aid also benefits the individuals themselves regardless whether an emergency affect them directly.

4. Benefits of having Basic First Aid knowledge:

Besides saving lives, having basic First Aid knowledge comprises the following benefits:

It enables you to increase the patient’s comfort. It allows you to understand what tools in the First Aid Kit to use to prevent the situation from becoming worse. It creates the confidence to care for others. It encourages healthy and safe living in both your personal and work life with the use of first aid kit.

Accidents may happen despite any measure of preventative procedure and care. Individuals who are properly trained and equipped with the right kit are a huge help in ensuring greater safety for everyone. Without proper First Aid training, a simple injury could become severe and in some cases fatalities can occur as a result of lack of immediate medical treatment.

5. Basic First Aid Contents in the First Aid Box:

In compliance of MOM requirements, First Aid box is essential in every company.

Under the Workplace Safety and Health (First-Aid) regulations, the following shall be complied by every organisations:

Every workplace shall be provided with a sufficient number of first-aid boxes.Where a workplace is located in a building, each floor of the building shall be provided with a sufficient number of first-aid boxes.

Every first-aid box provided in a workplace shall —

be adequately equipped; be properly maintained; be checked frequently to ensure that it is adequately equipped and that all the items in it are usable; be clearly identified as a first-aid box; be placed in a location that is well-lit and accessible; and be under the charge of a person appointed by the occupier of the workplace. Nothing except appliances or requisites for first-aid shall be kept in a first-aid box 

6. First Aid Contents in the First Aid Kit

Plasters: Use plasters for small cuts and grazes.

Sterile pad: For more cushioning you can use a sterile pad and hold it in place with sticky tape. You could also use any clean, non-fluffy material, like a cloth scarf.

Sterile wound dressing: A sterile wound dressing is a sterile pad attached to a bandage. These are for larger wounds to apply pressure to help stop bleeding and are quick and easy to put on in an emergency.

Roller bandages: Roller bandages are long thin bandages rolled up. Use a roller bandage to support joint injuries, hold dressings in place, put pressure on wounds to stop bleeding, and to reduce swelling.

Triangular bandages: Triangular bandages are large triangular shaped pieces of cloth. You can fold a triangular bandage to use as either a bandage or sling, or, if sterile, as a dressing for large wounds and burns.

Disposable gloves: Using disposable gloves reduces the risk of infection between you and someone you’re helping. If they’re available, always wear gloves whenever you dress wounds or deal with any body fluids or waste.

Face shields or pocket masks: These are designed to prevent infection when you give rescue breaths.

Cleansing wipes, alcohol free wipes: To clean the skin around the wound.

Gauze pads as dressings: To use as padding, or as swabs to clean around wounds.

Sticky tape (adhesive tape): To hold dressings in place or to hold the loose end of bandages.

Pins and clips: To fasten the loose end of bandages.

Scissors, shears and tweezers: To cut sterile pads, bandages or sticky tape to the right length. You can also use them if you need to cut someone’s clothing, so that you can get to a wound, for example.

Torch light: To help you see in the darkness or to view clearer vision.

Alcohol gel: To clean your hands if you can’t find any water to use.

Antiseptic cream: To help prevent infection and aids natural healing in cuts and grazes, insect bites and stings, sore or chapped skin, blisters, burns and spots, even minor sunburn.

Paracetamol: A medication used to treat pain and fever, typically used for mild to moderate pain relief.

Eyewash: A sterile solution that can be used to clean, refresh or soothe eyes.

Medical oil: For relief of giddiness, headache, blocked nose and cold, stomach-ache, insect bites, rheumatic pain, muscular pain.

Non-contact thermometer: To allow you to make very accurate temperature measurements 

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